Latest updates on new features, changes and bug fixes

1.4.1 (2018/09/19)

  • overall cosmetic review.
  • now all our free engeneering tools are considered under Evaluation license and available to all user without limits for non-commercial use only.
  • pumpDesign: make tool more stable.
  • sPipe: minor bugfixes.

1.4.0 (2018/09/17)

  • onPlan: Announced new tool onPlan. It is a fracture simulation tool for designing a hydraulic fracture treatment. Utilizing the Planar3D model and Unified Fracture Design concept it allows comparison of the design frac geometry with the optimal one to maximize the rate of the fractured well in complex environments. Internal testing in progress.

1.3.5 (2018/09/10)

  • Update Wiki help pages.
  • pqPlot: major refactoring. New logic for the PVT models interaction.
  • PDF reports for pvtCalculator, pqPlot, optiFrac, fracDesign and pumpDesign was updated.
  • pvtCalculator, pqPlot and optiFrac: tooltips style for reference data was updated.
  • optiFrac, fracDesign and optiFracMS: proppant porosity now editable.

1.3.5 (2018/07/05)

  • new "Save/Save As" to cloud buttons logic in all tools. Filename prompt on SaveAs added.
  • request to enter a file name for a PDF report file.
  • display model name on main plot.
  • pvtCalculator, pqPlot and optiFrac: tooltips style for reference data was updated.

1.3.4 (2018/05/31)

  • pumpDesign: new pump highlight algorithm.
  • pumpDesign: added autoselect stages logic.
  • pumpDesign: added VLP curve on IPR plot.
  • pumpDesign: added TDH in results.

1.3.3 (2018/05/14)

  • pvtCalculator: deep refactoring. Result tables and output values was updated.
  • optiFrac, optiFracMS and fracDesign: we add TX Brown proppant and Bauxite carbo ceramics proppant to libraries. Some cosmetic changes in proppant libraries
  • pumpDesign: fix bug with cable size.

1.3.2 (2018/04/24)

  • optiFracMS: fixed mass limits in field units.
  • FracDesign: fixed young module limits.
  • pumpDesign: tubing catalog and calculator was added.
  • pqPlot: new tubing catalog.

1.3.1 (2018/04/12)

  • Add Language selector (English/Russian is available now).

1.3.0 (2018/04/04)

  • pumpDesign: New version of pumpDesign released (Motor/Cable/Drive tools was added).
  • pumpDesign: Pump Library was updated.
  • Some minor bugs fixes.

1.2.2 (2017/12/17)

  • Add Telegram online support.

1.2.1 (2017/08/01)

  • phaseD: Yield added.
  • pvtCalculator: Dranchuk correlation minor fixes.
  • pvtCalculator: Extend bound for sgGas from 1.3 to 1.8 (2017/07/15)

  • Add Wiki help pages to our tools.

1.2.0 (2017/07/04)

  • Redesign
  • and are now connected via our new accounts cloud service.
  • “Share to company cloud” started
  • All our services works via https now.

1.1.3 (2017/05/30)

  • pvtCalculator: new tension plot was added.
  • pqPlot: The VLP curve became more precise for complex models.
  • sPipe: sPipe logic to select calculation method updated, Beggs & Brill method updated

1.1.2 (2017/04/07)

  • Improve Hagedorn & Brown, Gray and Fanning calculation methods.
  • PQplot: disable Erosional Rate points.
  • PQplot: change ORG/WGR limits to 10 000 in Metric.
  • PQplot, sPipe: renew 'Select PVT model' interface.

1.1.1 (2016/12/01)

  • pengtools wiki project started.
  • PVT Tool, PQplot, sPipe, PhaseD: reference points cosmetic changes on labels and tooltips.
  • Fix Highcharts export to csv/xls
  • Add our list of publications.

1.1.0 (2016/11/03)

  • PQPlot: Liquid loading and erosional rates at PQplot.
  • PhaseD: Pure substances at PhaseD.
  • PVT Tool: Gas IPR through pseudo-pressure
  • PVT Tool, PQplot, sPipe, PhaseD: reference points added.
  • Updated view of models at cloud
  • Bug fixes at sPipe, PhaseD, PQplot

1.0.2 (2016/08/12)

  • GasPhase: fixed bug with negative pressure.
  • PQPlot: fixed C calculation from JD and kh.
  • sPipe: maximum tubing diameter enlarged to 1000 mm.
  • Some tooltips are modified.

1.0.1 (2016/06/15)

  • PQPlot: Minor bugs with sensitivity was fixed.

1.0.0 (2016/05/27)

  • This is it! The big ONE! We've worked hard on improving the reliability of the app, and we're delighted to bring you Version 1.0.0 of
  • subscription model is launched.
  • The advanced information platform for E&P company "E&P portal" on which we are actively working was announced.
  • Overall cosmetic review
  • PQPlot: Fix some convertation problems for gas wells in metric unit system.
  • PQplot: OGR and WGR params in metric changed from m^3/m^3 on m^3/10^6 m^3.
  • FracDesign: Fix porosity calculation for proppants in library.
  • FracDesign: Add 'Fracture X:Y scale' option in FracDesign.

0.11.0 BETA (2016/04/25)

  • We released to beta test a new fracDesign module - decision making tool for designing a hydraulic fracture treatment. For the given set of reservoir, fluid and proppant properties the design process produces the pumping schedule which will create the optimal fracture geometry to achieve maximum well's productivity.
  • pdf reports style changes

0.10.0 BETA (2016/03/10)

  • Now you can fill your profile, change your e-mail or password.
  • PVT Tool & PVT Tool iOS: changed compressibility correlation to Farshad
  • PVT Tool & PVT Tool iOS: corrected water compressibility
  • Some minor bugs fixes.

0.9.0 BETA (2016/02/12)

  • We released to beta test a new pumpDesign module - comprehensive pump design tool. For the given oil well it provides an optimal pump sizing workflow to achieve target well bottomhole pressure and rate. Featuring interactive pump library, tornado chart, optimization and sensitivity analysis.
  • optiFrac iOS: New mobile application for Apple iPad (optiFrac - click to download) available for downloading in AppStore.
  • PQPlot iOS: Another mobile application from for Apple iPad (PQPlot - click to download) released.
  • PQPlot: algorithm of selection input type (j or JD/kh) was changed.
  • PQPlot: some sensitivities modifications
  • PQPlot: additional input data validations was added, minor calculation bug was fixed.

0.8.0 BETA (2016/01/29)

  • New instrument sPipe released to beta testing. sPipe is a simple tool for estimate flowrate and pressures in surface flowline. It calculates pressure profile in flowline transferring oil, gas or water.
  • optiFrac: Add PointID columt to UserData Worksheet.

0.7.1 BETA (2016/01/27)

  • optiFrac: New feature was added: UserData Worksheet. This tool allows you to add custom user's data (e.g. experimental) to the final chart. In this table, you can easily use copy/paste data from your MS Excel spreadsheet.
  • PQplot: Fixed a bug with point in the case, if the curves do not intersect.
  • You can use both username or e-mail to authorize on web site.
  • Some cosmetic review was made.

0.7.0 BETA (2016/01/11)

  • optiFracMS: New instrument optiFracMS (Multiple Stage fracture design optimization tool for the horizontal well) is ready to public test.
  • PVT Tool iOS: New mobile application for Apple iPad (PVT Calculator - click to download) available for FREE downloading in AppStore.
  • PVT Tool: fixed temperature for water type
  • Scroll up window on alert. Minor bug fixes and improvements.

0.6.4 BETA (2015/11/02)

  • PQPlot: Fix sensitivities units convertation.
  • gasPhaseD: Some optimizations in the calculations of retrograde region. Calculations are faster.
  • PVT Tool: Added compressibility of oil to results table
  • PQplot and PumpDesign: methods for tubing performance calculations were updated in order to have capability to calculate from reservoir to surface.
  • Some cosmetic reviews.

0.6.3 BETA (2015/09/23)

  • Now you can specify a brief description for models in your cloud.
  • PQPlot: Dimensionless Productivity Index (Jd) and permeability thickness product (kh) added to sensetivities block.
  • PQPlot: VLP bug fixed.
  • Some PDF reports fixes.

0.6.2 BETA (2015/09/15)

  • PQPlot: Corrected IPR calculation.
  • PQPlot: You can use productivity index (J) or dimensionless productivity index (Jd) and permeability thickness product (kh) for Oil calculations.
  • PQPlot: You can use Performance coefficient (C) or dimensionless productivity index (Jd) and permeability thickness product (kh) for Gas calculations.

0.6.1 BETA

  • Available user registration. All modules are available without restriction at the stage of beta testing.
  • Added feedback form

0.6.0 BETA

  • Project refactoring. Migration to Yii2 framework.
  • Optimization in calculation functions, general improvements.
  • Added preliminary validation of input values on the client side.

0.5.2 BETA

  • gasPhaseD: Flash instrument ready for gasPhaseD.

0.5.1 BETA

  • gasPhaseD: You can compare the composition that you opened or created in the left menu with previously saved compositions.
  • gasPhaseD: Minor bug fixes and improvements.

0.5.0 BETA

  • gasPhaseD: Released gasPhaseD module
  • gasPhaseD: Available gas phase diagram for gas composition
  • Added the input parametres ranges check

0.4.0 BETA

  • Created Cloud.
  • Now the interaction between modules going through the cloud.
  • Available ability to share your models saved in cloud.
  • You can send a link created model to your colleagues.

0.3.1 BETA

  • optiFrac: Added the proppant library.
  • Minor bug fixes

0.3.0 BETA

0.2.1 BETA

  • PVTCalculator, PQPlot: A mechanism of data exchange between PQplot and PVTCalculator modules created
  • Minor bug fixes

0.2.0 BETA

  • Improves stability
  • PQPlot: Released PQplot module

0.1.0 BETA

  • release.
  • PVTCalculator: PVTCalculator ready.